We apply our broad backgrounds in chemical regulatory compliance and the chemical industry to support improvement of clients’ chemical regulatory compliance programs. Relatively new, comprehensive regulatory schemes such as European REACH place new or expanded obligations on companies that require cooperation among various functional groups within a company.

We work with organisational units to improve understanding of the obligations the regulations place on their company, help them develop improvements to current practice, and implement the improved practices. We also perform “Consultive Gap Assessments” with individual sites or functional groups to identify any gaps to be corrected, as well as best practices that can be applied at other sites. We help clients meet various other chemical regulatory obligations which are beyond their current staffing.

All of our services are tailored to the client’s culture, organisation, products and markets. Companies producing or using highly hazardous chemicals require robust compliance systems across the board, while other companies handling relatively safe chemicals or articles may just need improved documentation handling to verify the absence of hazards. Our goal is to facilitate development of internal improvements that will work in the client’s specific organisational environment. We can advise on external services and IT tools as options to facilitate improved communication and compliance, but we do not bring in pre-determined solutions.

Our overall objectives are the safe handling of chemicals for clients’ employees and customers, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.