REACH Policy Development, Training & Gap Assessments

Support organisation-wide understanding of REACH and the impact on its business. Provide an appropriate level of REACH training for different functional parts of the organisation as applicable to Client’s business. Education of EU and non-EU sales personnel on REACH implications

Substance and Product Registration Support

We support companies who have not been through regulatory registrations before, or have not maintained the expert staffing to meet their registration workload requirements.   Including is assisting clients in utilising the required software tools for submissions. REACH: The final

REACH for Articles

Review of Client products and supply chains to identify priorities/vulnerabilities. Review components for priority compliance review and action.   Some components have minimal risk of containing substances with regulatory issues, while other components have significant risks based.   Companies can manage much

REACH in the Workplace

Training of the HSE group and other relevant groups in the new information flow and requirements of the company under REACH. Many common chemical substances have a large number of end uses, and therefore the Exposure Scenarios for these substances