We support companies who have not been through regulatory registrations before, or have not maintained the expert staffing to meet their registration workload requirements.   Including is assisting clients in utilising the required software tools for submissions.


The final deadline for REACH registration of “phase-in” substances is in 2018.   This covers low-volume substances (below 100 MT/year import or manufacture).

Training in REACH and additional EU regulatory requirements pertaining to our Client’s substances and business situation.   With Syska Voskian Consulting’s trans-Atlantic presence, we can be especially useful to non-EU manufacturers of new or low-volume substances destined for the EU market.

We assist with development and recommendation of the most suitable type of registration (intermediate, PPORD, etc.) and strategy per substance.


We support companies who want to introduce a substance into the US market.   We can help evaluate whether PMN exemptions would apply and then proceed with preparation and submission of exemption application or full PMN as appropriate.

European national product registrations:

Many European countries require chemical products to be registered according to a national regulation, each with different criteria and data requirements.   We assist our clients in determining which country regulations apply and then meeting the requirements.