REACH Policy Development, Training & Gap Assessments/Internal Audits

Support organisation-wide understanding of REACH and the impact on its business. Provide an appropriate level of REACH training for different functional parts of the organisation as applicable to Client’s business.

Education of EU and non-EU sales personnel on REACH implications of Client customers’ use of substances produced outside of the EU.

Support Policy Development. Review and clarify Roles & Responsibilities, and communication flows.

Perform REACH Gap Assessments at European sites. The objectives are to evaluate REACH compliance at each facility, identify gaps and define where local improvements may be needed. By analysing the results of multiple sites, opportunities for more centralised support of REACH compliance may be identified. The assessments are performed in a consultative spirit with site personnel to support and initiate improvements.

Prepare for Member State inspection and enforcement.

 Substance and Product Registration Support

Assist with development and recommendation of the most suitable type of registration per substance, i.e. REACH: full, intermediate, PPORD, etc.; TSCA: PMN, PMN exemptions, SNUNs, CDR, etc.; European national product registrations.

REACH for Articles

Review of Client products and supply chains to identify priorities/vulnerabilities.

Review components for priority compliance review and action.

Development of Action Plan for continuing compliance.

Establish compliance processes up and down the supply chain.

Training on applicable parts of REACH.

Plasticisers under REACH: Specific regulatory tracking of plasticisers.

REACH in the Workplace

Training of the HSE group and other relevant groups in the new information flow and requirements of the company under REACH.

Application of suppliers’ Exposure Scenarios to workplace hygiene practices and existing work place risk assessments.

Assist in preparing Workplace Safety Summaries for chemicals used on site.

Assist in establishing the proper documentation of compliance with the new, additional requirements from REACH.

Global SDS Software Platform

Nordic distributor of Lisam System SA’s ExESS SDS Authoring platform, an expert software system to prepare and manage SDSs for global markets as well as other chemical management functions, as well as Lisam’s PubliChem and Chemspector applications for SDS management.