Review of Client products and supply chains to identify priorities/vulnerabilities.

Review components for priority compliance review and action.   Some components have minimal risk of containing substances with regulatory issues, while other components have significant risks based.   Companies can manage much more efficiency and effectively with an understanding of which components (and supply chains) should be most closely monitored.

Development of Action Plan for continuing compliance, including regulatory websites to monitor for potential changes in regulatory controls

Establish compliance processes up and down the supply chain.

Training on applicable parts of REACH for Client personnel, and supplier personnel in some cases.

Plasticisers under REACH: Specific regulatory tracking of plasticisers. Plasticisers in particular are in a very dynamic regulatory environment, with controls continually under revision. Companies producing products containing plasticisers, and especially companies importing or purchasing component articles that may contain plasticisers should be continually monitoring proposed regulatory controls to be able to anticipate when changes to products may be required.